For most people, our everyday life is made more colorful by certain individuals who provided entertainment and inspiration for us. They are called celebrities, initially, we make contact with them via radio and television programs. However, these days, contact has received greater proximity through social media apps such as YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and Instagram.

Through these apps, we can have a peek into more details of their lives. We can follow and also receive notifications on their posts. We can express our feelings towards them via the comment section and if we get lucky enough, we can interact with them as well.

However, that level of interaction with their mentors and idols may not be close enough for some of us. We desire a more informal relationship or conversation with these people they adore and look up to. One of our dreams would be to have their phone numbers so we can call them or even send them text messages.



Having their numbers would ensure we are interacting with them directly and not probably one of their managers or members of their crews. The satisfaction or lifelong fulfillment we would get from being able to communicate directly on an on-on-one basis, and also get a response from them is heavenly.

For some of us, this is a dream we would go the extra mile to see come true. Well, you do not have to look any further. This website was created as a way to bring one of your deepest desires to life. This is the only website with confirmed and authentic phone numbers of your favorite celebrities.

What are the most wanted phones?

In our Top 100 you will find the phone numbers of the 100 most wanted celebrities.

How to Get Celebrity Phone Numbers?

We realize that fake sites are promising to have the real phone numbers of celebrities but who do not have. Some of them have phone numbers that are now redundant and outdated. Celebrities can change their phone numbers for different reasons. One such reason would be the issue of leaked phone numbers.

A celebrity’s phone number can go from being private this minute to being in the hands of so many people the next minute. In a case like this, a celebrity would have no choice but to change their phone numbers. If they fail to do so, they would get bombarded with so many calls and messages from fans, admirers, journalists, and so many other people. It could also be unsafe for them. If the site does not have updated information, it would still provide the public with stale numbers.

It is for this very reason that it is also pretty difficult to access a celebrity’s phone number. It can be likened to some of the best-kept secrets in the world (exaggeration intended). However, we make this very possible for you.

This is achieved because our team is made of experienced and well-placed journalists who have years of expertise and a broad system of connection with famous people. Creating this list and giving you these opportunities gives us a sense of fulfillment, even after many years of working as journalists. We are determined to keep this going for a long time while ensuring the list is always updated with existing and authentic numbers.

Leaked numbers also form a pool where we verify and confirm some leaked numbers of celebrities to be true. Though, not numbers leaked to the public as they would block those numbers. It could be from a controlled online space, or their phone service or again, from some special live shows.

Why You Should Our Website?

  • Our website provides you with real and confirmed phone numbers of celebrities.
  • We ensure we keep updated information about celebrities on our website.
  • Our website is really easy to use. Downloading the phone numbers is a very quick process.

How to Use Our Website?

Our website is pretty easy to use. We have embedded the search box right above the page. All you need do is input the celebrity’s name and include ‘phone number’ after it.

Then, you click on the search button. Once done, you a few seconds away from having your favorite celebrity’s phone number within your reach.

There have been very few times the search did not produce results, very few! This is because we are quality driven. As a team, we ensure that the only phone numbers we make available to you are those we have verified and confirmed as being the celebrity’s phone numbers.

Reviews from Satisfied Visitors

I’m so excited to have gotten through to Taylor Swift my favorite singer of all time. We got to talk about my intention and passion to pursue a career as a musical artist. I got so much inspiration and direction just by a few minutes of speaking to her on the phone. It was an awesome time! So grateful for this rare opportunity!

Nick Derris

I have made several attempts to get Ariana Grande’s phone number. I even visited some sites but all to no avail. I had thought it would never be possible. But you made my dream come true! I spoke to Ariana today, my most loved celebrity. She was down to earth and made me feel so good. Thank you so much!

Robbie Sherman

Wow! I initially did not believe this could happen. I sent a message to Justin Bieber, my crush! I love his songs so much and I have been a committed fan for years. I have had this wish of communicating with him, to appreciate the great songs he puts out for us. You made that so possible! The best part was he sent a reply to my message. The feeling is out of this world and this is one experience that would stay etched in my memory for a very long time!

Katherine Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we trust that these numbers are authentic? Lots of fake sites out there!
A. The phone numbers of celebrities we provide are very real. Plus, we make the effort to verify them before including them on our sites. You can read up the reviews of other users on our sites.

Q: From what sources do you get these numbers? Getting a celebrity’s number ought not to be this easy.
We understand that accessing real phone numbers of celebrities can be quite a task. But we are committed to providing you with quality. Thanks to our team of experienced journalists who through their network and expertise ensure we have constant updates to these phone numbers.

Q: Can I share these numbers with some of my friends? They would love to have it also!
A: We would request that you do not share these phone numbers with friends so these numbers do not get bombarded and blocked. That way, others may not be able to access these numbers again. However, you can share the page with them.

Q: Since you do not recommend we talk to them frequently, how do we maintain a connection with our favorite celebrities after the first call?
A. Yes, we recommend you apply discretion while using these numbers. Calling them often or sending them text messages regularly may lead to your number being blocked and this may not be a pleasant experience for you. The worse result will be them having to change their numbers. This way we would have to begin the search and verification of numbers over again.

Q: As a celebrity, how do I get my number off your list?
A. Kindly contact us or any of your managers can do the same so we can address your concerns.